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Over the past 60 years, Peterson Tool Company has become the recognized worldwide leader in special cutting tool solutions primarily for the automatic screw machine market, whether it be multi-spindle or single spindle. We also provide various carbide insert solutions for CNC equipment and turning equipment of all types.

Our products are the most precise and carefully engineered carbide tools in the world. We invite you to browse through the site, view all our cutting edge Solutions, explore our Resources area that provides “how-to” articles, white papers and case studies. But most importantly, contact us so that we can begin serving your needs.

As a trusted partner, we will not rest until we have delivered the very best engineered products in the world in less time than you had anticipated with a value far greater than you expected.

Peterson provides a complete process engineering service – at no additional cost to you. You simply provide part and machine specifications and we take care of the rest. We invite you to give us a call and talk with one of our engineers to see how our solutions can help meet and exceed your needs. We look forward to becoming your partner.

Call us at (615) 242.7341 or send us your information to start the quoting process.

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“The Peterson ThriftShave® resulted in a 95% reduction in scrap due to diameter and taper variation and an annualized cost reduction of 23% on the thread tooling. “

Industry - Manufacturing Machine - Acme

“Switching to the Peterson ThriftChange® Tooling Package reduced our change-over time from 8 hours to 2 hours .”

Industry - Manufacturing Machine - Acme

“The best way to gain machine capacity is by reducing your set up times. The Peterson Thirftform package has allowed us to gain over 100 hours of valuable machine capacity on one of our screw machines…”

Industry - Fittings Machine - #51 New Britain

“The ThriftShave holds an incredible .0003” tolerance on my part diameters. That’s right… .0003” on a Davenport. This thing is awesome!”

Industry - Industrial Machine - Davenport

“Changing to Peterson inserts and the ThriftForm attachments has dramatically improved our part finish and tolerance.”

Industry - Automotive Machine - Single Spindle

“Peterson Tool created a custom tool that allowed us to produce twice the amount of products using our existing equipment. This kept us from spending over $200,000 on new equipment.”

Industry - Aerospace

“The quick change system has reduced tool changes from 20 minutes to 5 minutes. So with an improvement in part finish, tolerance, tool life and machine efficiencies, this has been a great investment for us.”

Industry - Automotive Machine - Single Spindle

“We are very happy with Peterson Tool’s  ThriftShave attachment and tooling. The shave has allowed us to run 3 consecutive 8 hour shifts with no adjustments.”

Industry - Industrial Machine - Davenport

“…Peterson helped us reduce a 6.5 hour set up down to 45 minutes and reduce a 2.5 hour set up to 15 minutes. This Stuff Works!!!”

Industry - Fittings Machine - #51 New Britain

“For tool design and technical support I recommend Peterson for the most complex/precision of operations.”

Industry - Manufacturing Machine - Wickman Screw Machine

We Make Custom Tools... for Any Machine... Every Day.