How to submit a quote

How to submit a quote Posted on Apr 8, 2019

It is our goal to expedite your request for quote as quickly as possible.  To help ensure a response that is both timely and accurate, providing the following information at the time you request a quotation will help us achieve our goal and meet your expectations:

  1. Include a current legible piece part drawing(s) for the part(s) you want tooling.  If you have a group of parts you wish to Thriftchange® we will need a print for all of the parts that are to be included in your part family.
  2. Include a current machining layout showing how each part is to be processed.
  3. If not indicated on the above prints we will need to know this additional information:
    1. the part material being cut
    2. feed rate and RPMs (if known)
    3. the width of your cut off blade
    4. your holder parameters, such as, dovetail size, dovetail offset, tool length and height
  4. If you are processing a part using multiple tools, indicate the area of the part you plan to form in each position.  (a rough hand sketch on a copy of your part drawing will suffice)

For further clarification or to speak to one of our engineers, call (615) 242-7341.

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