Carbide tipped reamers and step drills were the first tools that Peterson Tool Company manufactured in 1959. Since that time we have earned the respect and reputation as one of the world’s best special tool manufacturers. Our other product lines often overshadow our specials, but this represents a large percentage of our business.

Peterson Tool Company has an entire department dedicated to designing and manufacturing HSS, carbide tipped, and solid carbide tools. Our most intricate work is performed on cam relief cutter grinders where we can hold 0.0001” tolerances. Optical dressers and grinders make holding these tight tolerances an everyday task for our skilled craftsmen.

We have a ground solid carbide step drills under 0.125” and massive milling cutters up to 24” in diameter. These tools pictured are only a minute fraction of the special tools we have designed and/or manufactured.

If you have special cutting tool needs, let us know. The care and quality we take in manufacturing our specials is the same care and quality we put into our inserts and fixtures.

We Make Custom Tools... for Any Machine... Every Day.