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Educational Programs at Peterson Tool

Peterson Tool is committed to continuing improvement and education.  We believe that education empowers employees by offering them a path to career growth.   Our educational programs are available to every employee regardless of experience or skillset and are a fundamental part of our new-hire program.   We believe educational programs improve company quality, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction.  To show our commitment to our employees, we have an experienced University professor, Stacy Engel, to lead the programs.

The company currently offers five educational programs for employee growth and development.

Program #1

Continuing Education.  This program is beneficial for both new hires and experienced employees. It offers a wide variety of online curriculum that teach manufacturing and machining concepts. Courses are typically less than 60 minutes long and cover important topics like Workplace Safety, Quality Assurance, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, and many others.   This program the broadest of our current programs and offers something for everyone.

Program #2

EDM Machines. This training program includes both online training classes and apprenticeship hours on the EDM machine. The curriculum contains an overview of print reading and interpretation as well as understanding customer-driven specifications.  Online classes include Safety precautions, Machine operation, G Code programming, Basic measurement, Root cause/Failure analysis, Shop trig and more.  The apprenticeship portion of the program will give the trainee the opportunity to learn directly from an experienced operator. This program is designed for those employees motivated to develop their skill set and overall knowledge of EDM machines.

Program #3

Machinist Apprenticeship. The machinist apprenticeship curriculum has been specifically tailored to provide the fundamentals of becoming part of the World Class Peterson Tool Production Team. This program includes a large variety of online training courses like Blueprint Reading, Tolerances, Safety, Cutting, Conflict resolution and more.  There are a significant number of apprenticeship hours to teach new hires to operate the Mill and Lathe machines that create Peterson’s unique product line.  This program is an important first step to get new hires prepared to work with our experienced team.

Program #4

Advanced Machinist.  This advanced program is a comprehensive training program for the CNC machines.  The program offers a wide variety of online classes like Haas Lathe and Mill, Layout operations, NIMS turning skills, Offsets on the Lathe and Mill and many more. The program has significant apprenticeship hours with our most talented machinists to master the skill of accurately machining our high-quality precision products.   This program is designed to offer an advanced skillset to our already skilled employees.

Program #5

Flat Tooling.   This program is over 300 hours long and it is the most significant of our training and development programs.  Online courses include Machining Trigonometry, Geometry, Optical comparators, Lean manufacturing and many more.  This program has the most comprehensive apprenticeship program of the five programs.   The trainee will learn about manual machining including Secondary Clearances, Grinding, Top-rake, and touch-up.  The trainers for this course are our most valued “artisans” who have unique skill sets that are difficult to find in the industry.   The program is part of Peterson Tools succession planning for next-generation workforce training.

If you are interested in joining Peterson Tool Company on a new journey of learning and opportunity, contact Stacy at for information.

“We are very happy with Peterson Tool’s  ThriftShave attachment and tooling. The shave has allowed us to run 3 consecutive 8 hour shifts with no adjustments.”

Industry - Industrial Machine - Davenport

“…Peterson helped us reduce a 6.5 hour set up down to 45 minutes and reduce a 2.5 hour set up to 15 minutes. This Stuff Works!!!”

Industry - Fittings Machine - #51 New Britain

“Peterson Tool created a custom tool that allowed us to produce twice the amount of products using our existing equipment. This kept us from spending over $200,000 on new equipment.”

Industry - Aerospace

“The best way to gain machine capacity is by reducing your set up times. The Peterson Thirftform package has allowed us to gain over 100 hours of valuable machine capacity on one of our screw machines…”

Industry - Fittings Machine - #51 New Britain

“The quick change system has reduced tool changes from 20 minutes to 5 minutes. So with an improvement in part finish, tolerance, tool life and machine efficiencies, this has been a great investment for us.”

Industry - Automotive Machine - Single Spindle

“Changing to Peterson inserts and the ThriftForm attachments has dramatically improved our part finish and tolerance.”

Industry - Automotive Machine - Single Spindle

“For tool design and technical support I recommend Peterson for the most complex/precision of operations.”

Industry - Manufacturing Machine - Wickman Screw Machine

“The ThriftShave holds an incredible .0003” tolerance on my part diameters. That’s right… .0003” on a Davenport. This thing is awesome!”

Industry - Industrial Machine - Davenport

“Switching to the Peterson ThriftChange® Tooling Package reduced our change-over time from 8 hours to 2 hours .”

Industry - Manufacturing Machine - Acme

“The Peterson ThriftShave® resulted in a 95% reduction in scrap due to diameter and taper variation and an annualized cost reduction of 23% on the thread tooling. “

Industry - Manufacturing Machine - Acme

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