24 CELEBRATE 25+ YEARS! Posted on Nov 4, 2011

Longevity is a part of the corporate culture at Peterson Tool Company. On Friday, November 4th, the company set aside time to celebrate this fact as they welcomed three new members into the 25-year club. Ron Taylor, Bryon Fountain, and Terry Rodgers entered the ranks of this esteemed group this year and joined twenty-one others in the illustrious group. Each is pictured with Nancy Peterson Hearn.

Lunch was served by ‘Uncle Bud’s Catfish’ – a local favorite. Also pictured here is Nancy with two of the four living retired members of the 25-year club, Pat Morton and David Lifferth

Pictured above are nearly all of the prior inductees along with Rod Huff, Executive VP and Diane Peterson Edwards, VP & Director of Human Resources.

Pictured next to a bust of the founder, John Peterson, Sr. with Nancy Peterson Hearn are three of her five daughters: Linda Peterson Benson, Diane Peterson Edwards, and Angela Peterson Graham. Diane and Linda both works at the company and Angela was visiting from New York City.

Below is a complete list of Peterson’s 25-year employees – congratulations to all and Peterson appreciates their expertise, experience, and support to the company over the years:

Active Employees:
Charlie Sharp
Fred Chaffin
John Starkey
Greg Wood
Colin Bass
Ted Branner
Joe Taylor
Nick Mitchell
Jeff Snoddy
Mark Kirby
Brian Lusty
David Kinnard
Hal Redding
John Hargis
Ron Taylor
Bryon Fountain
Terry Rodgers

Olie Allen
David Lifferth
Granville Chapman
Pat Morton

Gene Youree
Gerry Bell
Jim Miller

Special guests included Jimmy and Mattie Rodgers (Terry’s parents), Cheryl Rodgers (Terry’s wife) and Angela Graham (Nancy’s daughter from New York City).

Congratulations to all of these employees who have been the foundation to the success of Peterson Tool Company.

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